Make Your Advertising Make Money

It Has Been Estimated That Around 85% Of All Advertisements Do Not Make Enough Money To Cover The Cost Of The Advertisement

     In the business world sales is what makes a business successful. Nothing happens until you sell something. And advertising, marketing and copywriting all help to sell. So you advertise to make money not to have good advertisements. 

     A successful advertisement is an advertisement that makes money and continuously makes money not awards for the best advertisement in the newspaper or on TV.

     Remember you advertise to make money.

     But it has been estimated that around 85% of all advertising loses money.

     So what do you do?

     Find a copywriter that will keep improving the advertisements. From experience it is difficult to make an advertisement that makes money the first time it is in the newspaper. So you should keep improving the advertisement until it starts to make money.  

    Actually advertising could be considered an art form. As it can be quite difficult to get it right the first time so keep trying until you do.

     To start off your advertisement must be seen and that means on a page in the newspaper or magazine where people go to look for your product. That is extremely important, especially when you are using small advertisements.

If The People Looking For Your Product Can't Find Your Ad Then They Will Never Buy Your Product

      Then when they are on the same page as your advertisement, your advertisement must stand out so it can be found. And that means an extremely good headline that grabs their attention. The headline is like a red flag that is waving so they can see it.

      If they can't see the red flag waving they'll never read your advertisement and they will never buy your product. That is how important the headline is. Write many headlines to try and write one that will be like the red flag.

     If the people looking for your product can't see your headline then they will never buy your product.

     Your headline is competing with all the other headlines selling the same or similar products.

     That is the competition right there, so why should they pick your advertisement and not the one beside your advertisement. Because your headline draws them into your ad so they keep reading. If your advertisement is not as successful as you would like, change the headline.

Now You Have The Person's Attention You Need To Show An Advantage

     What is the number one benefit of using your product?

     Tell the person because they do not know your product as well as you do, and they do not know the advantage of using your product. Explain to the person reading your advertisement what he or she will get from using your product. You should show the best advantage early on in your advertisement to draw the reader into the advertisement to keep reading all the other benefits.

      When you are telling the person about the advantages of your product you need to prove the advantages. If the person thinks you are overstating the benefits then the BS detector will flick on and you have just lost a customer.

     So make the benefits believable. You need facts not rounded figures, as facts are what people want. "Sixty two percent of our customers asked for this brand backpack."

     Now the reader knows the benefits and has the facts you need to persuade them to grab the benefits.

     And that usually means you tell the reader what will happen to him when he uses your product. Here we will throw in an example. "The small backpack has five easily accessible outside pockets, so you can put different things in different pockets. Pens and map in one, phone in another and your water bottle in another one, leaving a small pocket for candies and small packets of food."

     The last sentence explains what you can do with the backpack and that is how you persuade the reader to grab the benefits.

You Must Tell The Reader What You Want Them To Do

     If you want them to buy say so "Buy before the end of the month and receive this small ladies backpack for the women in your life, as a special bonus." 

     To get their email address, say so "Fill you in name and email to receive our free booklet 'The Many Things You Can Do With Your Backpack'" as well as our latest catalog containing photos of all the many differently designed backpacks. You are bound to find that special backpack you have been searching for.

 The Five Basic Parts Of Nearly All Successful Advertisements

  • Get attention. That is what your headline should do.
  • Show your prospective customers an advantage. They must see what your product will do for them.
  • Now you must prove it. Use customer testimonials and facts.
  • Persuade your customers to take the advantage. Sum up how your customer will feel after they are using your product.
  • Ask for action. Tell them what they must do to get the product.

     For your advertisement to be a success you need to have all five fundamentals.

     In the salesletter you should have all the five parts. But for an advertisement in the newspaper try to have one sentence for each fundamental. Then rely on the free gift to attract the reader so they will go to their computer to type in your webpage.

What Small Advertisements Can Do For You

The power of words is what sells products and that is what copywriting is all about

     Over the last 6 years I've written sales letters for the internet and small space advertisements for newspapers and brochures, as well as a couple of books.
     Pay per click (ppc) and me just don't mix and I couldn't make it work, so now I use newspaper ads, brochures and marketing postcards that link to a webpage on the internet. And this method is ideal for small local businesses that do not rely on the internet too much for business. A small advertisement in the local community newspaper, a brochure or postcard can do wonders for your business.

     Selling off the sales letter ls part and parcel of selling on the internet. But for local stores you want customers to come to your shop or business and buy your products or services. As most people are connected to the internet, I still add an opt in form to get the person's email address. So you can send them an email every two weeks or more.

     I also recommend if possible to somehow get the physical address of your customers. For example, you could add them to a list to receive your printed catalogue. If you have the physical address you can send out letters when you have specials or new products. Having the physical address is very handy. Also anything physical like a letter or catalogue is visible on your customer's desk or coffee table a lot longer than an email.

Here Are Some Salesletters On The Internet

      I have been involved with affiliate marketing for most of the time I have been on the internet. as well as writing small space advertisements in newspapers.

     This advertisement was for an online program teaching phonics. There was a free gift and it was put up on a free website. So you don't need a website to get on the internet if you are a small business. And the free websites make very good webpages.

A Cost Effective Way Of Advertising

     For small local businesses, a little advertisement in the local newspaper or a postcard or brochure can get your message out very effectively. Then if your advertisement is linked to a free webpage then your message can be a lot longer.  

     All the advertisement does is get the reader to type an internet address into their computer. Basically the small advertisement leads to a sales letter on the internet. But to get the reader interested enough to type an internet address into their computer there is a free giveaway or something for free they can claim after they get to the website.

     This way you get the email address of the potential customer for follow up emails.

     The key to the success of this type of advertising is to place the advertisement in the best place in the newspaper or use targeted direct mail from the post office to deliver the post card or brodhure, that will attract the customer you are looking for. If your customer does not see the advertisement they cannot type in the website address.

Sample Marketing Plan For New Product
      The new product will be a chronic pain relief product in either capsule or tablet form.
      The results of this marketing plan will determine if the product is a go or not. We will use an advertisement in the local newspaper that will send you to an online salespage.

      If the product seems successful you could run an ad in a big city newspaper.

      Newspapers don't like these ads. Any ad that goes to a webpage means they lose business and I have had trouble trying to place ads like this. 

      Some newspapers will put a new larger heading on your ad so they can charge you more money. I never use their headlines because my headline has been tested on ppc (pay per click) and other newspapers and theirs is just to give you a bigger ad so they make more money.

      The advertisement in the newspaper will be small and cheap under $500. Most newspapers will give a packet of 3 or 4 ads for so much money.

      This ad is just to test the product so cheap is better.

      Believe it or not the best newspaper in the US for this product is "The National Enquirer" but the advertisements are very expensive.
The advertisement in the newspaper will be something like this.
Does Chronic Pain Keep You Awake? To get a good night's sleep go to this website to claim your free sample blister pack of 4 capsules. 87% of uses said "It Worked I Can Sleep Again."
      The last line can't be used until it is proven.
      The main page of the marketing plan will be a salesletter type page on the internet that will describe the medicine and offer you a free sample.
      To claim the free sample of the medicine.
      (From the sales letter)
      Now to claim your free sample of 4 capsules that will give you pain free uninterrupted sleep for 2 nights.
      Send us your story about your chronic pain and how much trouble it is causing you. And we will send you without charge a blister pack of 4 capsules.
      To get an uninterrupted night's sleep from chronic pain send an email to or snail mail to--(your address)--with your name and address and story and we will send you  a blister pack of 4 tablets.
      And in return we would like, after you have tried the medicine, your honest opinion on how well it gave you an uninterrupted sleep for seven hours or more.
If you want to skip the free sample and buy direct just click the Buy Now button
Thank You For Your Time
This medicine has NOT been approved by the FDA, or any other government body in any country, as it is a nutritional product and not a pharmaceutical product.

Small Business Copywriting And Marketing

      In situations like this you do not want to make it too easy to get the free sample. That is why you add the story. If the sample is too easy to get anyone will just apply for a free sample and you don't want that.

     This is a good way of getting testimonials and you need them so you can get percentages. Then you can work out how many people who get the free sample buy the product.

     If people try the sample and don't buy the product or the testimonials are not good. Ditch the product.

     This is a quick way of determining if the product is go or no.

     This Is The Way I Market Products.

     An advertisement in the newspaper or a brochure or postcard with a free sample or free ebook or free something. That is to get them to your webpage to sign onto your email list. Once they are on your email list you can bombard them with news, products or whatever.

     I use pay per click to test headlines as this way you can see very fast which headline pulls the most replies.

     A newspaper advertisement, postcard or brochure  to an online salespages is one of the cheapest ways of advertising BUT you need the free product or very few people will click onto your webpage.

My Copywriting Experience

Now a little bit about my education in marketing and copywriting.

     I went to the University of Hard Knocks. The money I put on the table was my money, so if the ads, brochures or postcards didn't produce results I lost and started again. Now less of my ads don't make money as I change them until they do or I ditch the advertisement. It is tough out there in the trenches on the advertisement front especially when your own money is on the line. 

     So I joined Ted Nicholas's website The Success Margin and Clayton Makepeace's website The Total Package, as well as a host of other well known copywriters.

     I've read books from both these authors as well as some classics from John Caples, David Ogilvy and Victor O Schwab as well as many others.

     Now I've joined Dan Kennedy and I am firmly under the GKIC umbrella. His Magnetic Marketing course has turned the tide on small business marketing.

Ted Nicholas:   Billion Dollar Marketing Secrets
                        Magic Words That Bring You Riches
                        How To Publish A Book And Sell A Million Copies
John Caples:  How To Make Your Advertising Make Money
David Ogilvy: Confessions of an Advertising Man
Victor O Schwab:  How to Write a Good Advertisement
Claude C. Hopkins:  Scientific Advertising
      The first course I attended was Ted Nicholas's "Dream Information Publishing Seminar
Home-Study Video Course"

     Ted Nicholas's is possibly one of the best copywriters and marketers alive today.

Dan Kennedy: Magnetic Marketing

     Email Now for your FREE Marketing Plan on "How To Market Your Business Using Small Space Advertisements, Brochures or Marketing Postcards That Link To A Website."

     Thank You for your time

Peter Legrove

P/S You advertise to make money so isn't it time to find out how much return you can get on your advertising dollar.

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